Our wall paper at the Cosmo! What do you see? The black pattern…

Our wall paper at the Cosmo! What do you see? The black pattern or the 4 girls making it up? #lasvegas #globalzoom2015 (at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

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I want to be Big! #lasvegas (at Caesars Palace)

I want to be Big! #lasvegas (at Caesars Palace)

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdzP233mlqk)

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Eating for Healthy Hair

Eating for Healthy Hair 

by Daisy Rosania, Senior Director Aurelio Salon Howell NJ

photo 2Have you ever asked “How can i get healthier hair?” Have you always wanted beautiful, healthy hair, but couldn’t quite manage it? You’re not alone. In fact there could be an easy reason for it. Good hair products and outstanding haircuts can only go so far without the correct nutrition. Your hair is treated as a low priority by the body, as it performs no real function when it comes to keeping us alive, so your hair only gets the leftover nutrients in your system once your organs are done with them.

This is important to know, because it means that if you want strong, healthy, and beautiful hair year round, you need to be eating healthy all of the time. So let’s take a look at some of the essential foods you can eat to improve the look and feel of your hair.

Salmon If there’s one thing we all know about salmon, it’s that its full of Omega 3 fatty acids, but did you know that those fatty acids are essential to bringing a healthy shine and fullness to your hair? In fact, your hair needs Omega 3 just to grow. In light of this, it’s important that you get as much Omega 3 as possible, either through fatty fish like salmon or mackerel, or through supplementation. Remember, your vital organs will take all the Omega 3 it needs before your hair gets the benefits, so ensure a couple of portions of fish a week for the best results.

Please note that the Salmon MUST be wild caught and farm raised.  Farmed raised Salmon have seven times the levels of PCB’s as wild salmon, are fed chemicals to give them color, are administered antibiotics at higher levels than any other livestock, and have less omega 3’s due to lack of wild diet.

eating for healthy hair aurelio salonSpinach & Kale Leafy greens come rich in many nutrients, including Vitamins A and C, folate, beta-carotene, and iron. These nutrients work in unison to keep your hair hydrated, so that it doesn’t grow dry and brittle. If you always suffer from split ends, a lack of leafy greens may be to blame!

To counter this, add some leafy greens to one or more of your meals everyday, and watch as your hair and scalp become healthier, less dry and overall better to look at.

Vitamin C  Vitamin C, found in citric fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes, are vital to protecting your hair from unwanted breakage. Try drinking a litre of water with the juice from 1 lemon in the morning, and feel yourself more energised than you could ever be through tea or coffee. And then, as your vitamin C levels increase on a daily basis, enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, protected head of hair.

Protein Vital to nearly every system in your body, protein is essential for a thick, flowing mane. It’s hard to not know that protein is essential for building and repairing muscle, restricting fat gain, and increasing satisfaction during meals, but it’s hair benefits are often overlooked. For a healthy dose of protein, eat lean meats like chicken and turkey breasts. Peas, lentils, nuts and fish are also full of protein, and come alongside some of the other nutrients in this list.

It’s an overall healthy diet, with a variety of fruits, vegetables and meats, that can really help to turn around not only your hair, but your everyday life and longevity. For a happy, healthy, and beautiful body inside and out, focus on the diet alongside the pampering. I guarantee you’ll feel great for it!

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Heading for a Weekend at the Beach? – Here is Your Packing List!

Heading for a Weekend at the Beach? – Here is Your Packing List from the Team at Aurelio Salon!

If you are a girl, like me and you are about taking off for a quick weekend at the beach, you don’t want to end up finally missing out on that one important item when packing. It drives me nuts when I do. I don’t know about you.

When packing for a quick getaway, you don’t really need that much. What you need are basically the “can’t-do-without-essentials” Here is a detailed beach packing tips and list that contains all the necessary essentials to help you pack very quickly. ( the pictures see here are from one of our team members Alicia Kiwacz)

11Clothing: A pair of pajamas, A pair of nice sandals, A beach cover-up, 2 bathing suits (to make sure you’ll have a dry one all the time), 2 tops for day, 2 tops for night, A pair of shorts, A skirt/slack, A pair of jeans, A cardigan (for those chilly sea breezes), Adequate undergarments to get you through the weekend.

Beach Bag Essentials: A beach bag with a enough space, that favorite sunglass of yours (you should have one), A beach hat (I like them with flowers), 1 book and some paperbacks (If you are the reading type, like me), Camera (including your chargers and extra batteries), Beach Towel, Some snacks and water. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water so you do not get dehydrated!

Toiletries: Sleeping Kit (alarm clock, eye mask etc.), Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Razor, Shampoo (I like the Moist Repair shampoo and conditioner a hydrating shampoo, ideal for dry or damaged hair for laying out in the sun from KMS CaliforniaJ), Extra hair barrettes and ties, Deodorant, Medications (birth control, Aspirin etc.).

Haircare: If this is your first visit to the beach the change in climate will surprise you! You are going to need a10styling product, hair spray, I use all KMS products. I like Playable Texture for my styling product it builds texture with additional applications. Lets you re-work a style any time you like. Leaves hair feeling natural, not sticky. All you do is spray Spray into dry hair for light, airy texture and to accentuate layers.  For a Hairspray I recommend 2-in-1 styling + finishing spray  it’s a straightening and curling spray for dry hair.  Just spray on dry hair before using hot tools. For best results, spray section by section. Spray again as a final step to hold the style. I will use their Anti-humidity seal it’s a 24-hour humidity-blocking formula. Shields hair from frizz. Provides a shiny, weightless finish. Provides heat protection. Perfect for the Beach. You’re going to need humidity resistant haircare for your hair. Believe me; you don’t want to leave this one out.

beachy waves aurelio salonIf you want beachy wave type hair you might want to follow this style equation from Kyle and the team at Aurelio Salon!  Shampoo, conditioner is optional, then comb out. Spray with KMS Sea Salt spray followed with 2-in-1 styling + finishing spray. Use fingers to blow hair dry up to 80% or let dry in the sun, Spray hair again with sea salt spray, Continue to dry with fingers until 100% dry.  Take 2-3 inch sections and wand the hair. Leave 1-2 inches of the ends kicked out for a natural beach wave.  Run fingers through and spray with KMS 2 in 1 hair spray for a light hold.

Makeup:With your yellowish brown look, you don’t need much make-up to really make yourself noticed. Keep it natural. Make sure you have a cleanser, moisturizer, and solar defense booster (contains SPF 50).  For coverage your favorite tint and concealer and bronzer. Read our Beach Reach Ready Makeup Blog for more info based on skin type and some great tips!. Go with a comparable range of natural color make-up items like; blush, mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss.

Now, you have it! A custom check-list made for you for that quick beach-weekend get-away. All you need do now is, whenever you are ready for that weekend on the beach, just grab your pen and start ticking them off. Don’t leave anything out!

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No time to wash your hair but you want a new look? Try these 5 different Styles.

Whether it’s conserving water, dreading washing and styling your own hair, or just no time to wash your hair here are some creative styles from Aurelio Salon! Depending on the length of your hair you may have to wake up one to two hours early just to get your desired look. What if someone told you by using certian products you would only have to wash your hair once every 5 days! Try these 5 different Updo Styles.

Aurelio Salon 5 day hairstyles Here are the products to use to get through your 5 Styles:

Day 1: KMS HairPlay Makeover Spray
Makeover Spray absorbs oil to refresh limp hair and add’s texture for your second day hair. It’s a great way to touch up your hair in-between shampoos! Using a wand, wave the top part of your hair. Using bobby pins twist and pin your hair in a low messy bun.

Day 2: KMS HairPlay Messing Crème & HairPlay Playable Texture
Messing Crème adds grip to a lived in 2nd-day style. Using the messing crème about a dime size amount, worked it into your hands and pull back your hair to get control of the fly-a-ways. Playable Texture lets you re-work your style and builds texture each time it’s used. When using playable texture you want to spray from the inside of your hair, lift up each section and spray inside to create that textured look.

Day 3: KMS FreeShape 2-in-1 Styling+Finishing Spray & HairStay Medium Hold Spray
2-in-1 Styling+Finishing Spray is used for adding shine onto dry hair, and also used as a heat protectant. Medium Hold Spray is a working spray which provides style memory & brushable hold, using both of the products you will be able to create a polished effortless look!

Day 4: KMS HairPlay MakeOver Spray & HairPlay Dry Touch-Up
Using MakeOver Spray only on the root and down the mid-shaft to absorb any access oils and build-up on your hair. Dry Touch-Up revives dry, over worked ends and adds a shine as if it were a dry conditioner. On my day 4 look I created just a normal braid. You can be creative and design a braid you have never tried before!

Day 5: KMS HairPlay Design Wax & HairStay Dry Extreme Hairspray
Design Wax has a style memory, this product lets you rework your hair and help create your desired style. Dry Extreme Hairspray has a 24 hour hold with its anti-humidity resistance. To create day 5 style, use a pea size amount of Design Wax, worked it through your fingers and start a fishtail braid. Using bobby pins twist the braid into an updo style and pinned so it’s secure. For a finishing touch spray with the Dry Extreme Hairspray.

Hopefully these tips and a little bit of product knowledge will help you create beautiful results without having to waste time!   By Jen D!

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Learn Some Beach Ready Makeup Tips!

Beach Ready Make-up
One of the biggest questions for summer is “How do I look good on the beach?!” Far too many factors play a role in removing your barely –there make up look. Thanks to the combination of Beauty Addicts Cosmetics and Dermalogica skin care, we have some tips to keep you looking beach ready instead beach wrecked.


If you have….

Oily Skin:
Cleanser- clearing skin wash.
Moisturizer- oil free matte (contains SPF 30)
Coverage – sheer mineral tint with double deception concealer and pressed powder to absorb oil.
Contour- hydra sun rays bronzer.
Tip: try a lip color to make your lips pop, and use a natural shadow for a little shimmer without looking greasy or too done up for the beach.

Aged Skin:
Cleanser- skin resurfacing cleanser.
Moisturizer-dynamic skin recovery (contains SPF 30)
Coverage – skin perfect primer and double deception concealer. If more coverage is needed use some pressed powder to provide coverage.
Contour- hydra sunrays.
Tip: Do not use shimmery shadows or powders. They will draw attention to any wrinkles.

Sensitive Skin:
Cleanser- ultra calming cleanser.
Moisturizer- barrier repair and solar defense booster (contains SPF 50)
Coverage- sheer mineral tint and double deception concealer.
Contour- hydra sunrays.
Tip: use a higher SPF to prevent any sunburn which can add to skin irritation. Green based concealers will also help counteract redness.

Normal Skin:
Cleanser- special cleansing gel.
Moisturizer- solar defense booster (contains SPF 30)
Coverage- sheer mineral tint with pressed powder.
Contour- hydra sunrays.
Tip: Use a lighter concealer under eyes to brighten and enlighten complexion.

Dry Skin:
Cleanser- essential cleansing solution.
Moisturizer- skin smoothing cream or intensive moisture balance.
Coverage- skinperfect primer sheer mineral tint and double deception concealer.
Contour- hydra sunrays.
Tip: For dry patches, use intensive moisture balance to create an even skin complexion.

By Alicia Kiwacz

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Aurelio Salon has set the make-up trend for this summer!

Aurelio Salon along with Beauty Addicts has set the make-up trend for this summer! Into the BLUE incorporates blue shades for a natural look with pops of blue. Since the blue shadow typically gets and 80’s flashback with hot pink lipstick, I decided to show those who relate 80’s to blue shadow a way to make blue shades work.

Makeup Aurelio Salon Howell

Here’s what we used:
Lipstick: “In the Buff” from Beauty Addicts exclusive line PLAY
Eye Shadow: Solution eyes palette in “Glow” and individual shadows from PLAY – Yacht Club and Eye Candy
Mascara: Show Off
Liner: Top- Effortless Eyes Seduce; Bottom- Effortless Eyes Glow
Highlight/Concealer: Double Deception- 01
Contour: Pressed Powder- Deep
The key to making this look work is to neutralize your color selection allowing the blue to be the pop of color. Most of the colors used were neutral or peachy which complimented the hint of blue liner and shadow on our model’s eye. This look can be used on most eye colors and can be changed to be more complimenting to face shades. A darker skin color can use more blue since the dark pigment can take away from the vibrancy of the shade. K.I.S.S is the guide to follow: Keep it simple, Sweetie!

By Alicia

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Only a handful of reservations available for this…

Only a handful of reservations available for this Wednesday’s event. (732)303-0052 #iamgoldwell #extensions #shorthair #stylist #braids #kmsobsessed #kms #kmsobsession #kmscalifornia @goldwellkmsacademy #hairstylist #lovewhatyoudo (at Aurelio Hair Salon and Spa of Howell)

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Great Job Alicia. #iamgoldwell #kmsarmy #goldwellcolor…

Great Job Alicia. #iamgoldwell #kmsarmy #goldwellcolor #goldwell#goldwellusa #kmsobsessed #kms #kmscalifornia#love #LoveIsInTheHair #lovewhatyoudo#modernsalon #aureliosalon #behindthechair#beautylaunchpad #beautiful #hairfun #hairspiration#hairplay #goodhairday #hairstyle #americansalon#btcpics #hotd

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